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Pringle Teaching Centre

The School aims to help you be the best that you can be, and will push you to achieve your personal goals - even things you never thought you could achieve." Junior School Pupil


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    Your son will start out in a classic primary school style education in the Pringle Centre, with his Form Teacher.

    In First Form, (age 10), he will experience a transition to a ‘senior school’ style: specialist teachers are introduced, and all the facilities of the Senior School. This continues in Second and Third Forms, so he will have less of a ‘big jump’ when he moves into the Senior School. This means by the time he would usually be sitting Common Entrance exams and changing schools (at 12+), which is often a major change, he is well prepared and ready for the next stage of his education.

    For the first two years (J4 and J5) your son will be taught by a single Form Teacher in the modern Pringle Teaching Centre nearby. This mirrors what is best about primary education. Thereafter (I, II and III Forms) he will start to take lessons in the Senior School and enjoy a balance of learning styles. Crucially he will get a ‘gentle’ introduction to an education in a Senior School but also enjoy all the facilities the main school offers.

    By the time he is 12, and in his final year, he is ready to move up to the Senior School – and we find the transition is generally effortless. The boys also are in many respects further advanced than boys from other schools, insofar as they have had the advantages of Senior School teaching. At this point they are joined by an intake of boys from other schools and move up through the Senior School as a cohort of around 70 to 80 boys.

    Curriculum content is largely based on the English National Curriculum Key Stages 2 and 3. We are dedicated to helping your son become a: successful learner, effective contributor, responsible citizen and confident individual. In addition, we are committed to integrating Assessment is For Learning, active learning and cross-curricular work into our existing curriculum where appropriate.

    We believe that all teachers are teachers of literacy and numeracy. As such, the staff of Merchiston Juniors are committed to developing literacy and numeracy skills in all of our pupils, in the belief that it will support their learning and raise standards across the curriculum.


    Martin Harkins


    Mr Harkins is an upper primary specialist. After reading for his BA in Economics at the University of Stirling he obtained his teaching qualification at the University of Strathclyde, and completed his probationary year in Inverness. As well as teaching Geography up to III Form, his co-curricular involvement includes a number of sports and outdoor education.

    Michael Raikes

    Michael Raikes

    Teacher of Geography, Director of Junior Sport

    Mr Raikes is an experienced teacher of Physical Education primarily within our Junior School. His main focus is on the teaching of the core aspects of PE as well driving the Fundamental Skills component of the PE curriculum. As Director of Junior Sport, Mr Raikes oversees the running of our Junior Sport and Activity programmes, whilst being a lead coach in both rugby and cricket throughout the school. His main aims are to get boys playing a number of different sports, whilst ensuring that participation and enjoyment are at the forefront of our sporting programmes.

    Juliet Vaughan

    Juliet Vaughan

    Teacher of Mathematics; Director of Studies, Merchiston Juniors, Deputy Head (Academic)

    Miss Vaughan is Deputy Head (Academic) of Merchiston Juniors and leads on curriculum and academic issues and Support for Learning in the Juniors, as well as teaching Junior Maths. She is a very experienced teacher who brings out the best in all of her pupils.

    Niamh Waldron

    Head of Merchiston Juniors

    Ms Waldron joined Merchiston in 2005 having moved to Edinburgh from Hampshire, where she taught in a prep school and was a tennis coach. She is currently Head of Merchiston Juniors, and also teaches across the junior year groups. Teaching J4 was Ms Waldron’s first teaching position in the School, having started coaching tennis to boys across the age range when moving to Edinburgh. She is a member of the School Leadership Team. Her two sons thoroughly enjoyed their time in Pringle, the younger finishing his Merchiston journey in 2013.

    Daily Routine
    Daily between 8.00am and 8.10am Day boys arrive at Pringle Centre or House
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 4.00pm, 5.30pm or 6.15pm Flexible Collection times for J4 & J5
    Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: from 7.15pm (7.40pm) Collection time for the First and Second Forms (Third Form)
    Tuesday, and Thursday: from 4.00pm, 5.30pm and 6.15pm Collection time for all year groups
    Saturday: 12.45pm Collection time for all years groups from First Form to Third Form.

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